Hi, My Name is Tim.

I'm a UX designer and a web developer with thirteen years of experience. A few years ago I started contributing to blogs I read myself with the goal of sharing my knowledge with the world.

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14 Tips To Protect Your Ecommerce Business From Cyberthreats

Discover essential strategies to safeguard your e-commerce business in a digital landscape. From robust cybersecurity measures to cultivating customer trust, explore proven tips that fortify your online store's success and resilience.

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The Logistics Journey in E-commerce From Supplier to Customer

E-Commerce entrepreneurs usually don’t have to worry about the logistics journey of their products. While some platforms have logistics streamlined by third-party services, it’s advisable for online stores to be aware of potential supply chain issues.


6 Seamless Strategies for Enhanced Business Performance

Delves into advanced strategies for system integrators, focusing on enhancing performance in the tech domain. Skill development, project management, precise quoting, system design and much more.

More About Me

I’m Tim Feldman, a seasoned web developer and UX designer with over 13 years of professional experience. Fun fact? I’m a vintage typewriter enthusiast – a charming analog in my digital world.

I kick-started my career in fast-paced start-ups, where I mastered the arts of coding and designing user-friendly interfaces. With experiences spanning across industries like ed-tech, fintech, and e-commerce, I’ve woven a rich tapestry of knowledge.

This blog is my way of sharing that wisdom. As a digital guide, I hope to light the path for tech enthusiasts at all levels.

Away from my screen, I’m usually hiking and soaking in the tranquillity of nature, my perfect antidote to the tech buzz. So welcome, explore, connect, and learn in my digital nook – a blend of technology, creativity, and shared stories. This is the world according to Tim Feldman.

Work Experience

At Walmart, I started as a junior web developer and UX designer. The wide range of projects I worked on served to refine my design skills and expose me to the e-commerce realm. The multinational work setting at Walmart offered me the chance to grasp industry-standard coding practices. This experience played an instrumental role in my growth.
At Sony, I began as a junior member of the web development and UX design team. Despite my entry-level position, I had the chance to be part of a diverse array of projects that helped shape the user experience for millions worldwide. Even in my humble role, the experience was pivotal in setting the foundation for my future endeavors.
Sony Corporation
During my stint at Skale, I began in an initial role in the web development and UX team. I tackled diverse tasks, refining my skills and gaining insights into the start-up ecosystem. The dynamic environment at Skale allowed me to master agile development methodologies. This invaluable experience significantly shaped my subsequent career trajectory.